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EP038: 6 Opportunities Commonly Missed When Running Challenges

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Challenges are a great way to grow your list and establish trust in your brand and what you offer. 

Done right they provide a result and help you show your expertise which generates interest in what you have to offer.

But challenges are more than just X days of content and engagement.  Challenges can offer opportunities to grow your social media, skyrocket list growth, increase your group growth and engagement, and generate cash in the form of tripwires and other sales. 

If you aren’t familiar with challenges, sign up for my free masterclass – Create an Epic Lead Generating Challenge Masterclass at to give you the background on how they work. 

Let’s dive into the opportunities that tend to get missed when running challenges.

  1. Tripwires – Tripwires are low cost offers that you place on the thank you page that people are offered either for the length of time they are on the thank you page or additional time if you choose to re-offer it in the intro email.  Typically people use these to pay for the cost of ads (not a guarantee) or just to make a little extra cash. 
  2. Hype – There are a lot of fun ways that you can get your participants to create hype for your challenge yet I rarely see this done.  Create social media graphics that they can use to say they are in.  Give them ready-made copy to share.  You can always give people points or a perk if they share a certain number of times or hit another goal.  You can make sharing your challenge super hands off by setting it up in Viral Loops and then having participants sign up to earn incentives there. 
  3. Growing Social Platforms – A lot of people are really hooked on doing challenges strictly in Facebook Groups or via email.  Using a little creativity can get you some real visibility on other platforms like Instagram.  Instead of having people post homework and comments in Facebook, consider adding a component where their assignments take them to Instagram.  And if you get them to stories and they start tagging you….sheer gold!
  4. Group Growth – Doing challenges in your existing Facebook group can feel a little odd but if you make it clear that people will only get their assignments, any downloads, etc by signing up, the worries of people participating for free subside a bit.  If nothing else, those who are hesitant to be on your list will at least see some of the things you are posting.
  5. Binge and Buy Opportunities – One of the things I love about Membervault is that the more you get people into the site the better for you because they can see everything you have to offer (if you put it out there of course).  Membervault hosts my SuzCrew Hub, my trainings, my challenges, information on my coaching, and will soon have my membership site there.  The beautiful thing about having a challenge in Membervault is that you can structure the content to be visible a number of ways (i.e. drip based on date or sign up, all at once, as people complete lessons), have assignments, have email series trigger with certain actions, and give people access to extra bonuses if they get a certain number of engagement points (aka EP). If you want to check it out, you can sign up for free for under 50 members.  I’ve made it easy for you to get there with my affiliate link –
  6. Challenges as Bonuses or Future Offers – This is one of my fave things.  Way back when I found Melissa Pharr it was through her pack of challenges that she had previously done that she was selling for $247.  Not only did she make that initial sale with me but I also signed up for her Underearner to Unforgettable program ($5k).  I don’t think there is much more explanation needed as to why this is a great idea.

This is really to tip of the iceberg with the things you can do with a great challenge.  But as you can see, there is lots of opportunity to wow your audience, grow your business, and make money at the same time.  Questions?  Hop into the Facebook Group and let’s chat!

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